Wireless Water Tank Automatic Filling Systems

It is a Water Tank Automatic Filling System That Communicates Between Pump and Water Tank Wirelessly with the Best Price. It is a Wireless Control and Automation System Communicating Up To 5000 Meters with RF.

Wireless Float Switch Control Systems

  • It has affordable price guarantee.
  • It has two water-gauge inputs on the water tank-side.
  • It has two dry contact outputs on the pump-side.
  • It has wireless communication that reaches up to 5 Km distance under favorable conditions.

Pump & Tank Between Wireless Control And Automation

  • The data about pump engine works, pump engine stopped is shown with the led over the connection box with the transparent cover on the pump device.
  • It has control buttons and digital display that shows signal level, record state, frequency channel data on the pump and tank devices.
  • It is able to work at 10 different frequency channels.
  • The devices on the tank-side and pump-side can work with 110 Volt or 220 Volt. “It is optional during the order”
  • It is made in IP65 Protection class and in a box with transparent cover durable against shocks.
  • There are records in cable outputs.
  • It makes water tank filling automatically according to the water-gauge movements on the tank-side.
  • It has suitable connection types for working scenarios such as two-levels tank, single tank and two separate pumps, two tanks and single pump.
  • It is suitable for surface mounting and outdoor use.
  • It is water tank automatic filling system with radio frequency control.

2 Years Performance with a Single Accu without Charging

  • It has an A model for water tank control system applications that doesn’t have “power” on the tank-side and it communicates by providing very low energy consumption.
  • Under the favorable conditions it is able to give wireless water tank control automation service up to 2 years with a single 12V/7A dry-type maintenance-free accu. It doesn’t need more energy on the tank-side. The accu doesn’t need to be charged.
  • It is under the guarantee of producer for 1 year.

* $159 is available in our price-volume purchases.